Samson XP150 Car Speaker User Manual

XP150 Quick Start
8. Start talking or playing into channel 1 while slowly adjusting the VOL control until
you have reached the desired level. Do the same for each channel you are using.
9. If you notice that the POWER/PEAK indicator is lighting constantly, turn the
MASTER volume down so that the indicator only lights occasionally.
10. To add depth to the mix or smooth out the vocals, you can apply reverb to chan-
nel 1–3. To do this, press the REV button on the channel(s) to which you would like
to add the eect.
11. Slowly turn up the REVERB knob until the desired sound is reached.
12. To alter the tonal characteristic of the signal, you can adjust the LF
(bass) and HF (treble) controls. If you nd the audio too muddy,
you may want to reduce the LF control. If you nd that the audio
sounds dull, you can increase the HF control. There is no right or
wrong way to EQ a sound. You should listen to how the mix sounds
in the room and ne-tune to your liking.
Expedition XP150