Samson XP150 Car Speaker User Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Expedition XP150 Portable PA System from Samson!
The XP150 features a compact, 5-channel mixer with 150 watts of onboard power and
dual 2-way speakers, making it an ideal solution for a variety of small- to medium-sized
PA applications. The XP150 is also extremely portable, thanks to its lightweight and
unique “Slide and Lock” design.
The 5-channel mixer can be removed from the speaker for tabletop use. It features
three inputs for connecting microphones, plus one channel for connecting a stereo
signal from an MP3 player, or other electronic device. There’s also a built-in digital ef-
fects processor to add reverb to your voice or instrument. The mixer provides a robust
output, with 150 watts total power from the lightweight, Class D amplier section.
The XP150 employs a matched speaker system with dual 2-way enclosures that have
proprietary 6-inch woofers and 1-inch high frequency drivers. To help project sound
to a larger audience, the XP150 speakers can be mounted on standard speaker stands,
thanks to the integral pole mount receptacles. The XP150 is constructed using durable
ABS high impact plastic, making it super road tough and, at the same time, light-
In this manual, you’ll nd a detailed description of the features of the XP150 PA system,
as well as a description of its front and rear panels, step-by-step instructions for its
setup and use, and full specications. You’ll also nd a warranty card enclosed—please
don’t forget to ll it out and mail it in so that you can receive online technical support,
and so we can send you updated information about these and other Samson products
in the future. Also, be sure to check out our website ( for com-
plete information about our full product line.
With proper care and adequate air circulation, your XP150 will operate trouble free
for many years. We recommend you record your serial number in the space provided
below for future reference.
Serial number:_______________________________
Date of purchase:____________________________
Should your unit ever require servicing, a Return Authorization (RA) number must
be obtained before shipping your unit to Samson. Without this number, the unit will
not be accepted. Please call Samson at 1-800-3SAMSON (1-800-372-6766) for an RA
number prior to shipping your unit. Please retain the original packing materials and, if
possible, return the unit in the original carton and packing materials. If you purchased
your Samson product outside the United States, please contact your local distributor
for warranty information and service.
Owner's Manual
Expedition XP150