Samson XP150 Car Speaker User Manual

XP150 Quick Start
1. Be sure that the XP150’s POWER switch is set to the OFF position.
2. If the speakers are not connected, connect the speaker wires as described in the
previous section.
3. Turn each of the channel volume (VOL) and MASTER volume controls fully coun-
terclockwise, to the “0” position.
4. Next, connect one side of the included power cable to the XP150 mixer’s power
inlet and the other to a grounded AC power outlet.
5. Connect your microphones using standard XLR cables, instruments using ¼”
phone cables, and MP3 player using 3.5mm cable, into the appropriate jacks on
the mixer.
Electric Acoustic
6. Switch on all equipment connected to the XP150, then switch the XP150’s POWER
switch to the ON position.
7. Turn the MASTER level control up halfway, to the “5” position.
Owner's Manual
Expedition XP150