Samson XP150 Car Speaker User Manual

Conguring the XP150 for Transport
You can easily carry your sound system using the XP150’s “Slide and Lock” feature. The
“Slide and Lock” speaker enclosures allow you to connect both speakers together into
a single, easy to carry unit. Follow these steps to congure the XP150 for easy trans-
3. Slide the second speaker into the
speaker on the oor making certain
that the two speakers stay parallel to
each other.
1. Place one speaker on the oor and
set it on its side.
Speaker cabinets must be reversed with
respect to top and bottom.
2. Position the second speaker above
the rst speaker and line up the “Slide
and Lock” tracks and grooves so that
they are parallel to the speaker on
the oor.
4. You will feel a slight click when the
two speakers are in place.
Owner's Manual
Expedition XP150