Samson XP150 Car Speaker User Manual

• The XP150 is a compact PA system with dual 2-way speakers, onboard mixer, and
150 watt power amplier.
• The XP150 is the ultimate in portability. The lightweight, clever design allows you
to slide and lock the two speakers together to carry all components together in a
single, easy to move case. The mixer is stored in one of the speaker cabinets. The
second cabinet has a compartment for storing the speaker cables, microphones,
and other accessories.
• The speakers are 2-way vented enclosures with 6-inch woofers. Each is compli-
mented by a 1-inch high frequency driver, and set in a custom horn with a 60 x 90
degree coverage pattern producing a clean, clear sound.
• The XP150 speaker cabinets feature a tilt back monitor position for use without
speaker stands or as a performance monitor.
• The internal 2 x 75 watt lightweight Class D power amplier produces a powerful
stereo sound.
• The XP150’s mixer can be removed from the speaker for tabletop use.
• The 5-channel mixer features three Mic/Line inputs allowing you to connect micro-
phones or line signals. In addition, one stereo input channel allows you to connect
line level signals from keyboards, drum machines and MP3 or CD players. You can
engage the Phantom Power switch if you are using condenser microphones.
• On each of the mixer’s channel inputs there is a Bass and Treble control allowing
you to equalize the tone of the individual inputs.
• To create a lush sound on any of the microphone channels, you can use the internal
eects processor to add Digital Reverb.
Expedition XP150