Sharp HT-DV50H Car Speaker User Manual

DVD Operation
Title, Artist and Album name is displayed if it is recorded on the disc.
Display content can be changed by pressing the CLEAR/
DISPLAY button on remote control.
If “UNKNOWN” is displayed, it means Title or Artist or Album name
is not recorded.
The subtitle language, audio language and TV type you select during
playback are reset each time you set this unit to stand-by mode or
switch the input. To keep your own settings, set them in the Set up
menu (see page 23).
To change the subtitle language
You can change the subtitle language or hide subtitles during
On some discs, the subtitle language cannot be changed.
If no subtitles are recorded on the disc, “OFF” is displayed.
It may take time to switch the subtitle language to the selected
Subtitles cannot be hidden on some DVDs.
To change the audio language (audio output)
During playback, you can change the audio language (audio output).
On some discs, the audio language cannot be changed.
For the audio language and audio system, refer to the manual of
the disc.
Title Display Function Display
Album Display Artist Display
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
Whilst a disc is playing, press the
SUBTITLE button repeatedly to select
the desired subtitle language.
Whilst a disc is playing, press the
AUDIO button repeatedly to select the
desired audio number.
You can select desired languages.
: [1 ENGLISH D 5.1CH]