Sharp HT-DV50H Car Speaker User Manual

Advanced Features
Using the Auto Station Programme Memory
Whilst in the ASPM operation mode, the tuner will automatically
search for new RDS stations. Up to 30 stations can be stored.
If you have already stored some stations in memory, the number of
new stations you can store will be less.
To stop the ASPM operation before it is complete:
Press the SHIFT and RDS ASPM button whilst it is scanning
for stations.
The stations which are already stored in memory will be kept there.
If the same station is broadcasting on different frequencies, the
strongest frequency will be stored in memory.
Any station which has the same frequency as the one stored in
memory will not be stored.
If 30 stations have already been stored in memory, the scan will
be aborted. If you want to redo the ASPM operation, erase the
preset memory.
If no station is stored in memory, “END” will appear for about 4
If the RDS signals are very weak, station names may not be
stored in memory.
To erase all of the contents of preset memory:
To store a station name again if the wrong name was stored in
It may be impossible to store station names in memory using the
ASPM function if there is lots of noise or if the signal is too weak. In
this case, perform as follows.
1 Press the TUNER button to select the FM band.
2 Press and hold down the SHIFT and RDS ASPM button on
the remote
control for at least 3 seconds.
1 After “ASPM” has flashed for about 4 seconds, scanning will
start (87.50 - 108.00 MHz).
2 When an RDS station is found, “RDS” will appear for a short
time and the station will be stored in memory.
3 After scanning, the number of stations stored in memory will
be displayed for 4 seconds, and then “END” will appear for
4 seconds.
1 Press the ON/STAND-BY button to enter the power stand-by
2 Press CLEAR/DISPLAY button for more than 2 seconds until
“TUNER CLEAR” appears.
After performing this operation, all of the preset memory
information will be erased.
1 Press the PRESET
( or ) button to check whether the names
are correct.
2 If you find a wrong name whilst receiving the station, wait until the
correct name is displayed and then press the MEMORY/
DIMMER button.
3 Within 30 seconds, press the MEMORY/DIMMER button whilst
the preset channel number is flashing.
The new station name has been stored in memory correctly.