Sharp HT-DV50H Car Speaker User Manual

Advanced Features
Using the Radio Data System (RDS) (continued)
LIGHT M Classical music for general, rather than specialist
appreciation. Examples of music in this category
are instrumental music, and vocal or choral works.
CLASSICS Performances of major orchestral works,
symphonies, chamber music, etc., and including
Grand Opera.
OTHER M Musical styles not fitting into any of the other
categories. Particularly used for specialist music of
which Rhythm & Blues and Reggae are examples.
WEATHER Weather reports and forecasts and meteorological
FINANCE Stock Market reports, commerce, trading, etc.
CHILDREN For programmes targeted at a young audience,
primarily for entertainment and interest, rather than
where the objective is to educate.
SOCIAL Programmes about people and things that
influence them individually or in groups. Includes:
sociology, history, geography, psychology and
RELIGION Any aspect of beliefs and faiths, involving a God or
Gods, the nature of existence and ethics.
PHONE IN Involving members of the public expressing their
views either by phone or at a public forum.
TRAVEL Features and programmes concerned with travel to
near and far destinations, package tours and travel
ideas and opportunities. Not for use for
announcements about problems, delays, or
roadworks affecting immediate travel where TP/TA
should be used.
LEISURE Programmes concerned with recreational activities
in which the listener might participate. Examples
include, Gardening, Fishing, Antique collecting,
Cooking, Food & Wine, etc.
JAZZ Polyphonic, syncopated music characterised by
COUNTRY Songs which originate from, or continue the musical
tradition of the American Southern State
characterised by a straightforward melody and
narrative story line.
NATION M Current Popular Music of the Nation or Region in
that country's language, as opposed to
International “Pop” which is usually US or UK
inspired and in English.
OLDIES Music from the so-called “golden age” of popular
FOLK M Music which has its roots in the musical culture of a
particular nation, usually played on acoustic
instruments. The narrative or story may be based
on historical events or people.
DOCUMENT Programme concerned with factual matters,
presented in an investigative style.
TEST Broadcast when testing emergency broadcast
equipment or receivers.
ALARM ! Emergency announcement made under
exceptional circumstances to give warning of
events causing danger of a general nature.
NONE No programme type (receive only).
TP Broadcasts which carry traffic announcements.
TA Traffic announcements are being broadcast.