Sharp HT-DV50H Car Speaker User Manual

Error indicators and warning
When you load an unplayable disc or fail to perform operations
properly, the following messages are displayed on the unit and the
TV screen.
(*): Set the main unit to the stand-by mode and turn the power on
again, or unplug and plug it back in. Should the same message
appear, contact your authorised SHARP dealer or service centre.
Care of compact discs
Compact discs are fairly resistant to damage, however mistracking
can occur due to an accumulation of dirt on the disc surface. Follow
the guidelines below for maximum enjoyment from your CD
collection and player.
Do not write on either side of the disc, particularly the non-label
side from which signals are read. Do not mark this surface.
Keep your discs away from direct sunlight, heat, and excessive
Always hold the CDs by the edges. Fingerprints, dirt, or water on
the CDs can cause noise or mistracking. If a CD is dirty or does
not play properly, clean it with a soft, dry cloth, wiping straight out
from the centre, along the radius.
Cleaning the cabinet
Periodically wipe the cabinet with a soft cloth and a diluted soap
solution, then with a dry cloth.
Do not use chemicals for cleaning (petrol, paint thinner, etc.). It
may damage the cabinet finish.
Do not apply oil to the inside of the unit. It may cause
Cleaning the CD pickup lens
Poor performance during CD playback (skipping or jumping) can be
caused by a dirty or contaminated CD laser pick up lens. If this
happens then the use of a commercially available CD lens cleaning
discs may restore normal operation. Contact your supplier or local
CD software dealer to obtain CD lens cleaning discs. Ensure all
included instructions/documentation are carefully followed.
Display Meaning
E7 Malfunction of surround circuit.
Place the unit away from noise source and
plug the AC power lead into another wall
socket. (*)
ERROR The unit considers the DVD mechanism is
defective. (*)
FAN LOCK The cooling fan on the rear of the unit does
not run. Unplug the AC power lead and
check if foreign object get caught around the
cooling fan.
NO DISC The disc is not loaded.
NO SIGNAL The digital audio input socket is not
connected properly.
Unspecified signal is received and cannot
be recognised.
NO SUPPORT When copyright protected WMA file is
played back.