Pioneer DEH-P640 Car Stereo System User Manual

Multi-CD Player
Playing a CD
You can use this unit to control a multi-CD player,
which is sold separately.
These are the basic steps necessary to play a
CD with your multi-CD player. More advanced
CD operation is explained starting on page 21.
1 DISC NUMBER indicator
Shows the disc currently playing.
2 TRACK NUMBER indicator
Shows the track currently playing.
3 PLAY TIME indicator
Shows the elapsed playing time of the cur-
rent track.
1 Press SOURCE to select the multi-CD
Press SOURCE until you see Multi-CD displayed.
2 Use VOLUME to adjust the sound level.
Rotate to increase or decrease the volume.
3 Select a disc you want to listen to with the
1 to 6 buttons.
For discs located at 1 to 6, press the correspond-
ing number button.
If you want to select a disc located at 7 to 12,
press and hold the corresponding numbers
such as 1 for disc 7, until the disc number
appears in the display.
• You can also sequentially select a disc by
pressing 5/.
4 To perform fast forward or reverse, press
and hold
2or 3.
5 To skip back or forward to another track,
press 2or 3.
Pressing 3 skips to the start of the next track.
Pressing 2 once skips to the start of the current
track. Pressing again will skip to the previous
• When the multi-CD player performs the
preparatory operations, Ready is displayed.
• If the multi-CD player does not operate prop-
erly, an error message such as ERROR-11 may
be displayed. Refer to the multi-CD player
owner’s manual.
• If there are no discs in the multi-CD player
magazine, NO DISC is displayed.
50-disc multi-CD player
Only those functions described in this manual
are supported for 50-disc multi-CD players.