Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

Quick guide
1 Select satellite.
J to continue.
2 Specify here the oscillator frequency for your LNB.
If your set is connected to a single-cable system
without external voltage supply, you can connect
the antenna supply (13V or 18V / max. 450mA)
with 13V or 18V.
Continue with Setting options for DVB-S reception
Network selection
If several networks are available via DVB-S, you
can decide which network you want to receive your
channels from.
If several satellites are received, the following settings
must be made for every satellite. The type of settings
available may differ depending on the selected satellite
or network.
Setting options for DVB-S reception
Scrambled stations
Select yes to save all scrambled stations.
These stations can only be received in connection
with a CI module and the appropriate CA Card.
If a CI module with a CA Card is already inserted
for the station search, all the stations which this
module can descramble are also saved when no
is selected.
Search method
If you select Frequency Search here, a search is
performed for all receivable stations. With Network
Search, from all receivable networks all the stations are
searched which are supplied by these networks.
Symbol rate
The symbol rate is specified by the satellite provider and
normally does not need to be changed.
Accept Logical Channel Number
This setting allows you to decide whether you want to
accept the Logical Channel Number (LCN).
J to continue.
Continue with Setting options for all types of
reception below.
Age related lock
Allows you to restrict programmes depending on the age
The information about age classification is provided by
the broadcasting station.
The stations locked can only be watched after entering
the access code (see page 24).
Time and date
Enter the correct values with the numeric buttons here.
Network configuration
Here you can now specify if you wish to configure a
network "Configure now" (see page 47) or you wish
to configure it later "Do not configure or configure
Setting options for Other communal installation
Setting options for all types of reception