Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

Basic adjustment
AV standard
Allows you to set the AV standard of the connected
device to AV or AVS.
Normally you leave the setting to Automatic. If the
standard of the connected device is not detected
automatically, you can select the correct standard.
Ask your dealer or consult the operating manual of the
connected device if necessary.
Signal type
Allows you to set the signal type of the device
connected to AV or AVS.
Allow switching voltage
If this function is activated, the video and audio of
an external device connected to the AV connector
(not in AVS) will be automatically reproduced on all
TV broadcast sites when reproduction is started up,
provided that the external unit supplies a switching
Here you can make further settings for comfortably
linking external devices to the TV sets.
Remote TV switch on via HDMI-CEC
Here you can select whether the TV set is to switch
on automatically from standby mode, if HDMI-CEC
capable devices connected to a HDMI input start
playback or display a screen menu.
HDMI-CEC functionality
You can allow or forbid the automatic communication
between the TV set and linked external devices.
You can display the channel information that you are
watching at this moment by pressing p on the remote
control unit.
In the left lower corner you can see the number and
name of the channel, the transmission time and (if
available) the title of the current programme. The
bar (if available) indicates the progress of the current
In the right lower corner, the programme info is displayed
additionally for DVB channels.
Channel list
Selecting the channel
you want to watch
Channel information display
(DVB-T /DVB-C only)
1 Press OK and the list of tuned channels will be
2 Use / to select the channel you want to watch
and press OK.
You can watch overall station list or a personal list of
channels by pressing .