Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

TV menu options
Apps can be re-arranged by the user:
Move the cursor to the application that shall be moved.
2 Use Yellow color key to enter arrange-mode.
3 Move selected service to the desired position and
press the yellow color key again to confi rm the new
To dismiss an application from the favorite Apps, place
the cursor on the respective app and press the RED
color-key on the remote control.
E Exit AQUOS NET+ screen
Press MENU button and select TV to return to tv mode.
You can also press ATV, DTV, SAT or RADIO button
to exit.
When connecting the TV to the Internet, a message which
requests a software update may be displayed in some
Some services can request to the user to Login or create a
personal account. In this case, please follow the indication
on the screen.
PREMIUM Video-on-Demand (VOD) services are available
in some countries.
The illustrations on this page are for explanation purposes.
They are subject to change without notice.
AQUOS NET+ screen language is adapted to the TV set
language previously selected.
While AQUOS NET+ is active some TV menus or options
could be disabled.
The TV does not support hot plug connection of USB
devices like a keyboard. If you wish to connect any other
device, please do it when the TV is Power Off or in Standby.
Inside AQUOS NET+ services, please use standard US
characters only (Not extended characters or Special
Country Language dependent), in order to avoid problems
with the applications.
Using external USB keyboard is not possible to exit from
AQUOS NET+. If necessary, use the END remote key.
Some types of keyboard could show incompatibilities or
try to use functions not supported by the TV.
Advance Operation
After searching for a specific term, the results are
categorized by their type (1), including the number
of search results. Categories can be hidden and
expanded on request by selecting the close button
(2) in the results overview.
Resting the cursor on a search result will bring up a
preview overlay (3) with information of the selected
E User sections
The Home Screen is devided in 3 functional areas:
1 Interactive Media Area
This segment is used for the audio-visual
presentation of various types of content.
2 Favorite Apps Area
This area presents the top 8 apps of the user-
defi ned favorite applications, including a link to
all user-defi ned favorite applications.
3 Recommended Apps Area
This area presents a selection of recommended
apps and also includes a link to the “all apps”
screen as described below.
In Area 2 and 3, please use /// to select a
service you want to access and press OK, direction
arrows appear around the service logo.
E Favorite Apps Screen
This screen gives an overview of all user-defi ned
favorites. Favorites can be selected in the all-apps
screen, as described below. The Top row of apps
is presented on the home-screen. The fi rst row
(1) is automatically presented in the favorite apps
section on the home screen.
AQUOS NET+ uses alphanumerical characters within
some services, which can be introduced using the
remote numerical keys, in a similar way that people
use a mobile phone keypad. In order to make this
task easier, the LE650 is ready to use an external USB
keyboard (USB wired, USB-to-Wireless or USB-to-
Bluetooth ready) to work only inside AQUOS NET+.
When an external keyboard is installed on TV set and
the user select AQUOS NET+, then the keyboard
mapping is:
(ENTER)/INTRO = OK (R/C). Used to enter inside
any service or to fix data once inside.
2 /// (U/O/I/K, or u/o/i/k for not extended
keyboard). Used to move between services or scroll
pages on Left/Right direction.
3 ESCape =6 (Return R/C). Return to previous page
on services.
4 (Backspace). Erase last character entered.
5 A..Z,a..z,0..9, and some US symbols (period or dot,
commercial at @, underscore, hyphen, exclamation,
question, colon, opening parenthesis, closing
parenthesis, number, slash, backslash, space).
Used for Login, Passwords, Date, and so.