Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

Basic adjustment
Jump distance
Set the standard jump distance (in minutes) used for
jumping forwards or backwards in the recording.
Smart jump
Activate or deactivate Smart Jump function (see
page 52).
Recording subtitles
Allows you to select whether subtitles are to be
recorded in continuous operation for DVB stations.
See page 50 for more information.
Standard Teletext
This TV set supports the two operating systems TOP
Text and FLOF. Up to 2,000 pages are stored so that
you have quick access.
Special pages
Preview pages: You can input the first teletext
programme preview page if this deviates from the
factory setting.
Subtitle pages: Input of the teletext subtitle pages
for each station if this deviates from the factory
setting .
Character set
Teletext character set can be switched to other
languages: Russian, Greek, Polish and Turkish.
HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV)
Some broadcasters bring you access to new services
from entertainment providers such as broadcasters,
online providers, including catch-up TV, video on
demand (VoD), interactive advertising, personalisation,
voting, games and social networking.
This function requires internet connection through the
ETHERNET or the Wi-Fi adapter AN-WUD630.
See Multimedia/Network on page 47
for more
HbbTV mode
Enable/disable this function.
If this item is enabled, when a selected programme
offers HbbTV service it will be seen on screen. Just
press the requested key to activate.
Then, the picture list of available services will appear.
Follow the broadcaster instructions.
Start behaviour of HbbTV stations
If HbbTV mode is activated you can specify if
a available HbbTV application should be loaded
automatically() after the channel has been
changed or if this should only occur manually(?).
After loading the HbbTV application, an on screen
instruction is displayed (depending on the channel
that is being viewed).
You can also choose between Start all automatically
or Start all manually.
Functions of the m key
It is possible to choose between watch Standard
teletext or HbbTV.
See page 20 for more information.
Standard teletext first
If this option is selected, with HbbTV function
enabled, it will show standard teletext.
HbbTV first
If this option is selected, with HbbTV function
enabled, it will show HbbTV text.
HbbTV text is offered by the selected channel.
Navigation within the HbbTV text and how the
coloured buttons are assigned may vary depending
on the provider.