Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

Basic adjustment
Software update
Current software version can be downloaded from
the SHARP Internet site and installed on your TV
using a USB memory.
Via Internet
The software update wizard appears.
See page 27 for more information.
Via antenna
The software update wizard appear.
The file system of USB memory must be FAT32.
The USB memory must have only one partition.
If in doubt, the USB memory should be formatted
as "FAT32" without "extended attributes".
A broadband connection and Network setup are
required to update the software using the internet.
On-screen displays
You can select different settings which affect the on-
screen displays.
Display time
You can adjust the duration of the display.
Volume display
You can set whether or not the change in the volume
should be displayed visually on the screen.
Automatic info
Here you can activate/deactivate the additional help
in the screen while navigating the menu.
Permanent clock display
The time can be displayed permanently. It is always
visible as long as no other display is activated.
Automatic HDMI-CEC hint
If this option is activated, a message about the
adapted function of the remote control is shown
whenever you switch over to an HDMI port position to
which a HDMI-CEC compliant device is connected.
Time and date
Allows you to enter the time and date manually.
Enter the time with the numeric buttons of the remote
Deviation from Universal Time
The current time at the Greenwich Meridian 0º is to be
understood as world time. The time shift in relation to
this time must be given in hours (with the / in the
TV and OK button of the remote control).
Enter the date with the numeric buttons of the remote
Set it to yes if you want to activate automatically
summer time.
Beginning of daylight-saving time
Enter the date on which the time is switched over
to summer time if it deviates from the automatically
calculated date.
End of daylight-saving time
Enter the date on which the summer time ends if it
deviates from the automatically calculated date.
DVB settings
You can make general presettings for DVB stations.
Subtitle mode
You can preset whether a subtitle is always to be
displayed as soon as it is offered by the station. A
special subtitle for impaired hearing can also be
Subtitles are not offered by all stations. Many
stations only broadcast subtitles by teletext.
DVB character set
Select the DVB character set so that the title of the
broadcast of your favourite received station or the
texts of your CI module are displayed correctly.
Audio commentary
You can activate a special sound for viewer with
impaired vision.
EPG is a programme list that is displayed on the screen.
With the EPG, you can check the schedule of digital
channels, view detailed information about it, tune to an
event currently on-air and set a timer for future events.
Also recordings can be programmed.
Station selection
Here you can determine for which station in the
programme guide information is to be displayed.
Data capture
Here you can switch the data entry for the electronic
program guide (EPG) on or off.
If the data capture is switched on, your TV set tries
to update the data base overnight or, if required, two
minutes after switching to stand-by mode. The TV set
must be on stand-by for this and not switched off at
the mains switch.
The indicator on the TV set lights violet during data
capture in stand-by mode.
The data is also updated while you are watching the
EPG station.
TV on when memorised
When yes is selected, the switched off TV switches
on automatically in standby mode at the beginning
of a memorised programme. A screen message
appears when switching on. If this is not confirmed
within 5 minutes with the OK button, the TV switches
off again automatically for safety reasons.
Is possible to adjust the USB REC to your requirements.
Notify hidden sections
If an entry has been hidden in an archive recording
(see page 52) you can be informed by a screen
message when skipping a hidden area, by selecting