Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

USB REC function
Recording subtitles
Select here whether subtitles are to be recorded for
DVB stations.
With USB REC button, the recording starts immediately
at the press of a button. You only need to specify the
recording time.
1 Press USB REC button. The Recording duration
screen is called.
Current programme
The broadcast being watched is recorded on to a
USB memory or on to a hard disk.
30 min/ 60 min/ 90 min/ 120 min/ 180min /240min
Allows you to choose the recording duration.
Manually enter the recording duration with the
numeric buttons of the remote control.
2 Select desired recording time with / buttons.
Press OK to confirm.
3 The Timer data screen appears.
Check the timer data, change if necessary and confirm
with OK. The recording will start and the recording
progress bar will be displayed for a moment.
While recording is activated, the status indicator
(AQUOS pyramid) lights up violet.
You can end a current recording prematurely by pressing
button and OK button.
If there is no teletext or EPG programme information,
the recording duration menu will appear the first time
you press the I button. Select the desired recording
duration and confirm using OK.
You can programme timer recordings for USB REC
using the EPG.
When you have programmed timer recordings, the TV
set can only be switched off to the standby mode.
If you switch the TV set off by the mains, no timer
recordings will be made.
1 Press EPG button.
2 Select the broadcast to be recorded.
3 Press REC(E) button. Recording screen is opened.
See Recording in page 32 for more information.
Manual recording
Programming a timer recording with