Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

Quick guide
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Initial installation overview
Follow the steps below one by one when using the TV for the first time. Some steps may not be necessary
depending on your TV installation and connection.
n Connect an antenna cable to
the antenna terminal (Page 8).
o If necessary, insert a CA
card into the CI slot to watch
scrambled broadcasts
(Page 8.)
p Plug in the AC cord (Page 8).
Product shape varies in some countries.
n Turn on the power using a on
the TV (Page 17).
o Run the initial auto installation
(Page 9).
9 Language, Energy
Efficiency, country, antenna
type settings, etc.
9 Go to Next.
n Congratulations!
Now you can watch TV.
o If necessary, adjust the
antenna to attain maximum
signal reception (Page 14).
Power on and
run the auto
Watch TV
external devices
n Connect external
devices such as a
DVD player/recorder
as instructed (Pages
41, 42 and 43).
o Connect external
audio devices such as
speakers/amplifier as
instructed (Pages 41,
42 and 43).
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