Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

Open USB REC archive
Opens the USB REC archive. See USB REC
See page
49 for more information.
Sound Settings
See Sound adjustments on page 21.
Headphone volume
Adjust the headphone volume for current station.
Picture settings
See Picture adjustments on page 21.
Move picture up/down
With some picture formats the text or graphic displays
at the bottom or on top are not (or only partially) visible.
At this adjust you can move the picture up or down with
cursor keys to make the displays visible.
Press OK on R/C to add current station as favourite to
MENU view.
Allows you to sort stations numerically or alphabetically.
Edit station list
In this menu you can edit (delete block, move block)
various list. For more information see Stations list TV
on page 23.
When you are watching TV, pressing p button twice,
the next screen will appear:
Detailed info
Shows detailed info of current station.
If there is more information on the selected programme,
it will be indicated here. You find further information on
the indicated programme in the bottom line.
Watch selected TV programme/ listen to selected
radio programme.
The menu item is only available when the selected
programme is on the air.
Memorise the programme for later watching/
This menu is only available when the selected
programme has not yet started.
Delete memo
For programmes being memorised you can delete
the memo.
This menu is only available when there are
programmes memorised.
Shows the overview of Timer Services (See page
Schedule the recording of the selected programme
for a time.
TV menu options
Detailed information