Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

What is the menu?
• The MENU view is the central overview page for all of your TV's operating modes.
• The list of options on the bottom of MENU view gives you acces to TV, Video, Audio/Radio, Photo and AQUOS NET+.
• By means of Extras and Setup you have access to more functions and you can configure your TV set.
• On the top of the screen you will find all stations marked as favourites.
• The number of selectable items varies depending on the TV equipment, network connection, available media servers and
connected devices.
• The MENU can be operated with the remote control unit and with the TV panel control keys.
Common operations
MENU options differ in the selected input modes, but the operating procedures are the same.
The screens in the operation manual are for explanation purposes (some are enlarged, others cropped) and may vary slightly from
the actual screens.
Menu operation
About the Guide Display
The Guide Display at the bottom of the screen shows
the menu bar.
In the initial installation you will see an info text for
operations with the OSD.
Info display
The info display provides an info text appropriate to the
on-screen display that can assist you further with the
operation of your TV set.
The factory setting is that the info display is hidden. It
can be displayed temporarily by pressing p key.
Temporary info display (p)
Display the menu
Exit the menu
Select an item
Press MENU and the “MENU”
screen displays.
The operation will exit the "MENU"
screen if you press END.
Press a/b/c/d to select/adjust the
desired menu, and adjust the item to
the desired level, and then press OK.
Press 6 to return to the previous
MENU page.
E Selecting in the menu
E Selecting options