Sharp LC-60LE654E Car Video System User Manual

HDMI devices
Controlling HDMI devices using
E What is HDMI CEC?
Using the HDMI CEC protocol, you can interactively
operate compatible system devices (AV amplifier, DVD
player/recorder, Blu-ray player/recorder) using a single
remote control unit.
• HDMI CEC does not work while using USB REC functions.
E What you can do with HDMI CEC
z One touch play
When the TV is in standby mode, it will automatically
turn on and play back the image from the HDMI
z Single remote control operation
HDMI CEC automatically recognises connected
HDMI devices and you can control the TV and the
devices as if using a universal remote control unit.
z Operating title list of external devices
In addition to displaying the TV’s own timer list (Page
36), you can also call up the external player’s top
menu or player’s / recorder’s title list provided that the
devices support HDMI CEC.
When you use HDMI CEC, be sure to use a certified HDMI
Point the remote control unit towards the TV, not to the
connected HDMI device.
Video noise may occur depending on the type of HDMI
cable used. Be sure to use a certified HDMI cable.
Up to three HDMI recording devices, one AV amplifier and
three players can be connected using this system.
These operations affect the HDMI device selected as the
current external source. If the device does not operate, turn
on the device and select the appropriate external source
using b.
When you insert/remove HDMI cables or change
connections, turn on all connected HDMI devices before
turning on the TV. Confirm that picture and audio are
correctly displayed/output by selecting “HDMI 1”, “HDMI 2”,
“HDMI 3” or “HDMI 4” from the “AV selection” menu.
HDMI CEC connection
First connect the speaker system or a player/recorder
that supports the HDMI CEC protocol.
Refer to the operation manual of the device to be connected
for further details.
After unplugging connection cables or changing the
connection pattern, turn on the power of the TV after all the
power of relevant devices has been turned on. Change the
external input source by pressing b, select the appropriate
external source and verify the audiovisual output.
The cables illustrated in the following explanation are
commercially available items.
HDMI-certified cable (commercially available)
RCA audio cable (commercially available)
Player / Recorder Speaker
Connecting a player/recorder via the
speaker system
Connecting a player/recorder only
n HDMI-certified cable (commercially available)
HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics
Control) menu
Go to MenuSetupConnectionsHDMI CEC
and select the menu you want to set.
Set to On to enable HDMI CEC functions.
If this is activated, the one touch play function is enabled.
While the TV is in standby mode, it automatically turns
on and plays back the image from the HDMI source.
• The factory default for this item is “Off”.
Basic operation
HDMI CEC functionality
Remote TV switch on via HDMI-CEC
(One-touch play)
When a device that supports HDMI CEC is connected,
the R/C of TV does not work.
By short pressing of SOURCE button the R/C will be
operational again and TV goes to TV mode.
By long pressing of SOURCE button the TV return to
HDMI-CEC mode.
Operating a HDMI CEC device