Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

Operating precautions
The signal recorded on a compact disc is read by a laser beam, so
nothing touches the disc surface. A scratch on the recorded surface or a
badly warped disc may cause deteriorated sound quality or intermittent
playback. Observe the following precautions to ensure high quality sound
Do not leave an ejected disc in the disc slot
for very long; the disc may warp. Discs
should be stored in their cases and kept
away from high temperature and humidity.
Do not stick a piece of paper or tape on, nor
write on or scratch either side of a disc.
• Discs spin at a high speed inside the deck.
Keep cracked or warped discs out of the
player to avoid damaging it.
Avoid touching the recorded surface when
handling a disc; handle discs by their edges.
About compact discs