Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

How to use an optional Card remote control
[BAND] button
[ PRESET CH ] buttons
SEEK ] buttons
Selecting a station (manually or automatically)
Press the [ TUNE•SEEK ] button.
[ ] button: Tunes to higher frequency stations.
[ ] button: Tunes to lower frequency stations.
A short tap of the button will allow manual station tuning.
Pressing for more than one second will start automatic tuning.
Selecting preset stations
Press the [ PRESET CH ] button.
[ ] button: Select the next higher number preset button.
[ ] button: Select the next lower number preset button.
Switching disc mode
Press the [BAND] button.
A total of six stations may be selected (preset tuning) out of
those already set in memory through the main unit. (Refer to
Manually setting stations into memory, page 34.)
How to play CDs
Select the disc mode first.