Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

Operating precautions
About CD accessories
Do not use accessories
(stabilizers, protective seals, laser
lens cleaners, etc.) sold for
“improving sound performance”
or “protecting CDs.” The changes
in CD thickness or outside
dimensions made by these
accessories may cause problems
in the player.
About brand new CDs
You may notice that some brand
new discs are rough around the
center hole or outside edge.
Remove the rough edges with
the side of a ballpoint pen, etc.
Rough edges may prevent
proper loading in the deck.
Flakes from the rough edges
may also stick to the recorded
surface and interfere with
Rough Edges
Recorded surface
Please be sure NOT to attach any
ring-shape protector (or other
accessory) to your discs. Those
protectors are commercially
available and said to protect disc
and to improve sound quality
(and antivibration effect), but they
can do more harm than good in
regular uses. The most common
problems are disc insertion, disc
ejections, and won't play
problems due to the protector
ring that came off in the disc