Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

ESN security operating procedure
How to turn the security indicator on/off
With the power OFF, press button [2], then the [FUNC]
button and hold both for more than one second.
[IND. FLASH] or [IND. -----] appears on the display.
[IND. FLASH] means the security indicator will flash when the
vehicles ignition is off, and [IND. -----] means it will not. Repeat
the above steps to reactivate the flash mode.
Once ESN security is activated, the indicator flashes whenever the
vehicles ignition is turned off, warning potential thieves that the unit
is protected. However, if you do not want this visible deterrent, it may
be turned off.
How to read the Electronic Serial Number
Turn OFF the Power.
Press button [4], then the [FUNC] button, and hold both
for more than one second.
[ESN] appears on the display, followed by an eight-digit
number; this number is your electronic serial number (ESN).
You may use this number to identify your Eclipse CD3404 in
the event it is recovered after being stolen.
Button [2]
[FUNC] button
Button [4]