Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

How to use an optional Card remote control
Cleaning the remote control
Precautions in use of the remote control
Be careful when handling the control, especially because it is
small and light. Dropping or striking it hard may damage it,
wear out the battery or cause a malfunction.
Keep the remote control free of moisture, dust and water. Do
not subject it to shock.
Do not place the remote control unit where it will get hot, such
as on the dashboard or near a heater vent. Allowing the
remote control unit to overheat may warp its case or cause
other problems.
• Do not operate the remote control unit while driving because
doing so could cause an accident.
• When using the remote control, point it directly at the remote
control light receptor.
The light receptor may not operate correctly if it is exposed to
bright light such as direct sunlight.
• Be sure to press the [PWR] button on the main unit for more
than two seconds to shut it down before leaving the car, or the
car battery may be run down. When the main unit is shut down,
the remote control will not work.
Remove the batteries from the remote control unit whenever it
is not to be used for a long time.
Use a dry cloth to keep the unit clean. If the remote control unit
gets extremely dirty, clean it with a cloth moistened in dilute
liquid detergent. Do not use alcohol or thinner; these
compounds may damage the finish.
In no event should benzine or thinner be used. These
substances will damage the case or finish.
How to use an optional Card remote control