Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

How to operate the tuner
A home receiver can catch weak FM stereo signals through the
use of a tall, directional or ultra-sensitive antenna. In a moving
vehicle, the area for good reception is limited because of
varying conditions encountered while driving, including the
types and heights of broadcast antenna structures, signal
strength, engine noise, etc. For best reception with manual
antenna, extend the antenna mast as far as possible.
Reception quality varies depending on the power of the FM
station, natural and artificial barriers,weather conditions, etc.
Transmitting Antenna 100 Meters High
Effective Radiation Power 1kW
FM Stereo Auto Radio 12.4 miles
FM Monaural Auto Radio 31 miles
Home FM Stereo Receiver 62 miles
The reflection characteristics of FM waves cause another
problem called multipathFM wave signals reflecting off of
buildings, mountains, etc. When the antenna receives direct
and reflected waves at the same time, distortion of sound in the
treble range often occurs, such as static or harsh-sounding
voices. THIS IS NOT A TUNER PROBLEM. Only moving to
another area with a clearer signal path can remedy the
Reception area of FM broadcasts