Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

ESN security operating procedure
This process cancels the protection for the ESN deck.
If power to the ESN deck is disconnected, then reconnected, a
Key CD will not need to be inserted in order to return the unit to
normal operation.
Inserting a CD other than the Key CD will not cancel the
protection. Instead, the display [ERR] for two seconds, then the
normal CD playback mode will activate.
If a CD has already been inserted, a [SEC] message appears,
and then the CD is ejected.
Insert your Key CD into the slot.
A [CANCEL] message appears, then the Key CD is
The Key CD is cancelled.
Turn OFF the Power.
Press and hold button [6], then the [FUNC] button, and
hold both for more than one second.
A [SEC] message appears, then in two seconds it will
change to [DISC].
The CD3404 is now ready to accept your Key CD in the CD
How to cancel the Key CD
[FUNC] button
Button [6]