Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

Play the audio at a moderate volume level that permits you to
hear sounds from outside the car. Driving without being able to
hear outside sounds may result in an accident.
Keep foreign objects out of the disc slot. They may cause fire
or electrical shock. Another possibility is that discs may be
damaged or become stuck.
Do not stick your fingers or hands into the disc slot. Doing so
may cause personal injury.
This product must be operated only as on-board equipment, or
it may cause electrical shock or injury.
Do not play distorted sounds for long periods of time;
the speakers may overheat and cause a fire.
This product uses an invisible laser light. In case a problem
develops, be sure to consult the dealer from whom you
purchased the product. Do not disassemble or rebuild the unit;
rebuilding it may expose you and others to a dangerous laser
emission (which would damage eyesight) or cause an
Never use batteries other than those specified. Do not mix new
and old cells. Doing so may cause a fire or personal injury due
to a battery explosion or chemical leaks.
Pay attention to the (+) and (-) polarity of the battery when
installing them in the product. Incorrect installation may cause
personal injury or product damage spoilage due to a battery
explosion or chemical leakage.
For best results, this product should be installed by a
professional installer.
Contact the dealer whom you purchased the product for an
When installing this product, be sure to use the supplied
mounting hardware. If parts other than those supplied are
used, the unit may be damaged internally, or may not be held
in place securely and become dislodged.