Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

To prevent a short circuit from occurring, disconnect the
battery's negative terminal before installing this product.
Otherwise, an electric shock or injury may result.
When using an existing nut and/or bolt from the vehicle to
ground this product, do not use any that secure parts of the
steering or braking systems. Otherwise, an accident may result.
Bundle cables and harnesses with electrical tape or wire ties to
prevent them from interfering with moving parts. If they should
entangle the steering wheel, shift lever or brake pedal, an
accident may result.
Never supply power to another electrical appliance by splicing
or tapping into this product's power lead (wire). Otherwise, the
current capacity of the wire will be exceeded, resulting in a fire
or electric shock.
Never attempt to disassemble or modify the product.
Otherwise, an accident, fire or electric shock may result.
When replacing fuses, be sure to use fuses of the specified
capacity (amperage). Otherwise, damage to the unit, fire or an
electric shock may result.
When installing the product into a vehicle with a passenger
side air bag, do not secure it to the air bag's cover or in places
where it may impede air bag deployment. Otherwise, proper air
bag operation may not be ensured in the event of an accident,
causing injury or death.
When making holes using a drill or similar tool, be sure to wear
protective eyewear. Otherwise, an injury such as loss of
eyesight may result.
Exposed wires must be insulated with electrical tape.
Otherwise, a short circuit, fire, or electric shock may result.