Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

ESN security operating procedure
If an incorrect CD is inserted, an [ERR_] ("ERR" and error
number) message will appear for two seconds, after which the
CD will be ejected.
This process cancels the protection for the ESN deck.
After the 5th incorrect attempt, the display reads [HELP]
for five seconds.
[HELP] will appear for five seconds, after which the serial
number will appear.
Press button [6], then the [FUNC] button, and hold them
for five seconds.
After the [SEC] message will appear for two seconds,
rolling code will appear.
Press the [FUNC] button.
A [DISC] message appears.
You will have five more attempts the correct disc.
Insert your Key CD into the slot.
If the correct CD is inserted, an [OK] message will appear
for two seconds and CD will be ejected.
What happens if an incorrect CD is inserted?
If after five tries the correct Key CD is not inserted, the display
reads [CALL800]; the unit must be returned to Eclipse to be
reset. In this case, please contact your Eclipse dealer for
assistance. For country-specific customer service information,
refer to "How to contact customer service" on page 64.
Your key CD can be easily forgotten. Write the
album name in a reminder note (See Page 67).
[FUNC] button
Button [6]