Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

ESN security operating procedure
If there is a problem with the inserted CD, an [ERR] message
will appear for two seconds and the CD will be ejected. Reinsert
the ejected CD.
If a CD causes the [ERR] message to appear twice in a row, a
[CHANGE] message will appear for two seconds. Try another
The Security indicator will flash whenever the vehicles ignition
is switched off.
If a CD has already been inserted, a [SEC] message appears,
and then the CD is ejected.
How to operate the ESN (Key CD) security
Check that the Power is OFF.
Press and hold button [6], then the [FUNC] button, and
hold both for more than one second.
A [SEC] message appears, then in two seconds it will
change to [DISC].
The CD3404 is now ready to accept your Key CD in the CD
Insert the CD into the slot.
A [SEC] message appears, then the Key CD is ejected.
How to program the Key CD
[FUNC] button
Button [6]