Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

How to operate the tuner
Tuning to a station
Radio bands will switch from FM1 FM2 FM3 AM in
order each time the button is pressed.
First, press the [FM AM] button to start tuner operation.
There are automatic and manual methods for setting stations in
memory. The receiver will accept up to 24 stations in memory: six in
AM and 18 in FM (6 each for FM1, FM2 and FM3.) (Initial setting)
Press the [FM AM] button to switch to the desired FM or
AM bands.
How to operate the tuner
Turn the [SEL] button to the left or right to tune to a
Turn to the right: Tunes to higher frequencies.
Turn to the left: Tunes to lower frequencies.
Press the [SEEK /FAST ] button to start the automatic
station search.
[SEEK ] button: Starts searching toward higher frequencies.
[FAST ] button: Starts searching toward lower frequencies.
At times, it may be difficult to maintain optimum reception
because the antenna affixed to your vehicle is in motion
constantly (relative to the broadcast antenna), encountering
continuous variation in the received radio signals strength. Other
factors affecting reception include interference from natural
obstacles, sign posts, etc.
[FM AM] button
[FAST ] button
[SEEK ] button