Eclipse - Fujitsu Ten CD3404 Car Stereo System User Manual

Basic operation
Turning the power on and off.
When the power is turned on, the state used when the power was
turned off such as CD and tuner playing is restored.
When the vehicle has no ACC position on the ignition switch, care is
needed when turning off the deck. Follow Step 2 or Step 3 when
turning off the power.
Turning the power on and off
When power is OFF, press [PWR] button.
The power will come ON.
When power is ON, press the [PWR] button for less than
two seconds.
When power is ON, press the [PWR] button for more
than two seconds.
The power will go completely OFF.
This section covers basic operating procedures. For additional
details, please refer to the sections on specific functions.
If a car is not equipped with an ACC position (for example, a
European car), keep the [PWR] button depressed for more than
two seconds.
Basic operation
[PWR] button
The power will go OFF and the deck will be in Standby.
If you press the [PWR] button again for more than one second,
the power will go completely off.
When the deck's power is turned on for the first time or if the
battery terminals have been disconnected because of a reason
such as vehicle maintenance and the power is then turned back
on, the deck will start up in FM1 mode. After this, the broadcast
stations will be searched for automatically and stored in buttons
[1] to [6].