Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

b SRC/Off button
This unit is turned on by selecting a source.
Press to cycle through all the available
c EQ button
Press to select various equalizer curves.
d DF button
Press to operate the preprogrammed func-
tions for each source. (Refer to Using the DF
(direct function) button on page 42.)
e ATT button
Press to quickly lower the volume level by
about 90%. Press once more to return to the
original volume level.
Basic Operations
Power ON/OFF
Turning the unit on
% Press SRC/Off to turn the unit on.
Turning the unit off
% Press SRC/Off and hold until the unit
turns off.
Selecting a source
You can select a source you want to listen to.
% Press SRC/Off repeatedly to switch be-
tween the following sources.
XM (XM tuner)SIRIUS (SIRIUS tuner)
HD Radio (HD Radio tuner)Tuner (tuner)
DVD (DVD player/multi-DVD player)CD
(built-in CD player)Multi CD (multi-CD
player)iPod (iPod connected with the inter-
face adapter)USB (USB storage device)/
iPod (iPod connected using USB input)EXT
(external unit 1)EXT (external unit 2)
AUX1 (AUX1)AUX2 (AUX2)BT Audio (BT
audio)TEL (BT telephone)
! In the following cases, the sound source will
not change.
When no unit corresponding to the se-
lected source is connected.
When there is no disc or magazine in the
When the iPod is not connected to this
unit with the interface adapter.
When AUX (auxiliary input) is set to off
(refer to page 36).
When the BT Audio source is set to off
(refer to Activating the BTAudio source on
page 39).
! When an USB storage device or iPod is not
connected to the USB port of this unit,
NO DEVICE is displayed.
Operating this unit
Operating this unit