Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

! You cannot connect a USB storage device
to this unit via a USB hub.
! Do not plug anything other than the USB
storage device into the USB port.
! Firmly secure the USB storage device when
driving. Do not let the USB storage device
fall onto the floor, where it may become
jammed under the brake or accelerator
! Partitioned USB storage device is not com-
patible with this unit.
! Depending on the USB storage device con-
nected to this unit, it may generate noise in
the radio.
Compressed audio
compatibility (disc, USB)
! Compatible format: WMA encoded by
Windows Media Player
! File extension: .wma
! Bit rate: 48 kbps to 320 kbps (CBR), 48 kbps
to 384 kbps (VBR)
! Sampling frequency: 32 kHz to 48 kHz
! Windows Media Audio Professional, Loss-
less, Voice: No
! File extension: .mp3
! Bit rate: 8 kbps to 320 kbps (CBR, VBR)
! Sampling frequency: 16 kHz to 48 kHz (32,
44.1, 48 kHz for emphasis)
! Compatible ID3 tag version: 1.0, 1.1, 2.2,
2.3, 2.4 (ID3 tag Version 2.x is given priority
than Version 1.x.)
! M3u playlist: No
! MP3i (MP3 interactive), mp3 PRO: No
! Compatible format: AAC encoded by iTunes
! File extension: .m4a
! Transmission rate: 16 kbps to 320 kbps
! Sampling frequency: 11.025 kHz to 48 kHz
! Apple Lossless: No
! Compatible format: Linear PCM (LPCM),
! File extension: .wav
! Quantization bits: 8 and 16 (LPCM), 4 (MS
! Sampling frequency: 16 kHz to 48 kHz
(LPCM), 22.05 kHz to 44.1 kHz (MS
Supplemental information of
compressed audio (disc, USB)
! There may be a slight delay when starting
playback of audio files encoded with image
! File extensions must be used properly.
! Only 32 characters from the beginning can
be displayed as a file name (including the
extension) or a folder name.
! Russian text to be displayed on this unit
should be encoded with the following char-
acter sets:
Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16)
Character sets other than Unicode that
are used in Windows environment and
are set to Russian in the multi-language
! The text information of some audio files
may not be correctly displayed.
Compressed audio files on
the disc
! ISO 9660 Level 1 and 2 compliant. Romeo
and Joliet file systems are both compatible
with this player.
! Multi-session playback is possible.
! Compressed audio files are not compatible
with packet write data transfer.
! Regardless of the length of blank section
between the songs of original recording,
compressed audio discs play with a short
pause between songs.
Additional Information
Additional Information