Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product.
Please read through this manual before using the product for the first time, to en-
sure proper use. After reading, please keep the manual in a safe and accessible place
for future r eference.
Before You Start
Information to User 5
For Canadian model 5
About this unit 5
About this manual 5
After-sales service for Pioneer products 6
Visit our website 6
Features 6
Protecting your unit from theft 7
Removing the front panel 7
Attaching the front panel 7
Resetting the microprocessor 7
Reverse mode 8
Use and care of the remote control 8
Installing and removing the battery 8
Using the remote control 8
Operating this unit
Whats what 10
Head unit 10
Steering remote control 10
Basic Operations 11
Power ON/OFF 11
Selecting a source 11
Loading a disc 12
Adjusting the volume 12
Tuner 13
Basic Operations 13
Storing and recalling broadcast
frequencies 13
Introduction to advanced
operations 13
Storing the strongest broadcast
frequencies 14
Tuning in strong signals 14
Built-in CD Player 14
Basic Operations 14
Displaying text information on disc 15
Selecting tracks from the track title
list 15
Selecting files from the file name
list 16
Introduction to advanced
operations 16
Selecting a repeat play range 16
Playing tracks in random order 16
Scanning folders and tracks 17
Pausing playback 17
Using disc title functions 17
Playing songs in a USB storage device 18
Basic Operations 18
Displaying text information of an audio
file 18
Selecting files from the file name
list 18
Introduction to advanced
operations 19
Playing songs on iPod 20
Basic Operations 20
Browsing for a song 20
Displaying text information on
iPod 21
Introduction to advanced
operations 21
Playing songs in a random order
(shuffle) 22
Playing all songs in a random order
(shuffle all) 22
Playing songs related to the currently
playing song 22
Operating this units iPod function
from your iPod 22
Changing audiobook speed 23
Audio Adjustments
Operation modes 24
Adjusting the audio easily 24
Adjusting the audio finely 24
Extra functions 24
Introduction of audio adjustments 24
Switching left and right channel 25
Using balance adjustment 25
Using the position selector 25
About the network function 25
Adjustable parameters 26