Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Playing songs in a USB
storage device
You can play compressed audio files stored in
a USB storage device.
! For details about compatibility, refer to Ad-
ditional Information on page 68.
Basic Operations
1 WMA/MP3/AAC/WAV indicator
Shows the type of file currently playing.
2 Folder number indicator
3 Track number indicator
4 Voltage indicator
Shows the battery voltage.
! The level displayed on the voltage indi-
cator may differ from the actual voltage
5 Play time indicator
6 Bit rate/sampling frequency indicator
! When playing back VBR (variable bit
rate)-recorded WMA files, the average
bit rate value is displayed.
! When playing back VBR (variable bit
rate)-recorded MP3 files, VBR is dis-
played instead of bit rate value.
% Plugging a USB storage device and
1 Plug a USB storage device into the USB
Regarding the position of USB port, refer to
Head unit on page 10.
2 Press SRC/Off to select USB as a source.
Playback will start.
% Select a folder
Push MULTI-CONTROL up or down.
% Fast forward or reverse
Push and hold MULTI-CONTROL left or right.
% Select a track
Push MULTI-CONTROL left or right.
% Return to root folder
Press and hold B.
% Unplugging a USB storage device
Pull out the USB storage device.
You can disconnect the USB storage device
anytime you want to finish listening to it.
! Read the precautions for USB storage devices
and this unit in the following section. Refer to
Additional Information.
! If an error message is displayed, refer to Error
messages on page 68.
! If folder 01 (ROOT) contains no files, playback
commences with folder 02.
! When the USB portable audio player having
battery charging function is connected to this
unit and the ignition switch is set to ACC or
ON, the battery is charged.
Displaying text information of
an audio file
The operation is the same as that of the built-
in CD player.
Refer to Displaying text information on disc on
page 15.
! If the characters recorded on the audio file
are not compatible with the head unit,
those characters are not displayed.
! The text information of some audio files
may not be correctly displayed.
Selecting files from the file
name list
The operation is the same as that of the built-
in CD player.
Refer to Selecting files from the file name list
on page 16.
Operating this unit