Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

XM tuner
Listening to XM Satellite Radio
You can use this unit to control an XM satellite
digital tuner (GEX-P920XM), which is sold
For details concerning operation, refer to the
XM tuners operation manuals. This section
provides information on XM operations with
this unit which differs from that described in
the XM tuners operation manual.
! With this unit, you can operate two addi-
tional functions: XM channel direct selec-
tion and preset channel list.
1 XM band indicator
2 XM channel number indicator
3 XM preset numberindicator
4 XM channel select setting indicator
Shows what channel select setting has been
selected. CH is displayedwhen
Channel number is selected,and CAT isdis-
played when Category isselected.
5 Voltage indicator
Shows the battery voltage.
! The level displayed on the voltage indi-
cator may differ from the actual voltage
6 XM text information
Shows the text information of broadcast
% Select an XM band.
Press B.
# Band can beselected fromXM1, XM2 or
% Select a channel.
Push MULTI-CONTROL left or right.
# If you push and hold MULTI-CONTROL left or
right, you can increase or decrease channel num-
ber continuously.
# You can also perform tuning from a desired
channel category. (Refer to Selectinga channel in
the channel category on the next page.)
Switching the XM display
% Press D/Scrl to switch the XM display.
# You can scroll the textinformation tothe left
by pressing and holding D/Scrl.
Storing and recalling broadcast
You can easily store up to six broadcast sta-
tions for later recall.
! Six stations for each band can be stored in
1 Use MULTI-CONTROL to store the se-
lected station in memory.
Turn to change the preset number. Press and
hold to store.
The XM preset number you have selected will
flash and then remain lit. The selected station
has been stored in memory.
2 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select the de-
sired station.
Turn to change the station; press to select.
# You can also change thestation by pushing
MULTI-CONTROL up or down.
# If you do not operate the list withinabout 30
seconds, the display is automatically returned to
the ordinary display.
Selecting the XM channel select
You have two methods for selecting a channel:
by number and by category. When selecting
by number, channels in any category can be
selected. Select by category to narrow your
search down to only channels in a particular
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