Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Operation modes
This units 4-way network DSP lets you create
a 4-way multi-amp, multi-speaker system with
separate speakers for reproduction of high,
middle, low and ultra-low frequencies (bands),
each driven by a dedicated power amp. The 4-
way network mode provides network and time
alignment functions. These two functions are
essential for a multi-amp, multi-speaker sys-
tem to enable precise control over settings for
each frequency range.
Even when the battery is disconnected or the mi-
croprocessor is reset, this units audio setting re-
mains in thememory. If you wantto reset the
audio setting, refer to Resetting the audio func-
tions on page38.
If one subwoofer is used with this system, left
and right channel adjustment values, such as
time alignment and network settings, need to be
the same.
Adjusting the audio easily
By carrying out the following settings/adjust-
ments in the order shown, you can create a fi-
nely-tuned sound field effortlessly.
1 Using the positionselector (POSI)
2 Auto TA and EQ (auto-time alignment and auto-
3 Using balance adjustment on the next page
Adjusting the audio finely
By carrying out the following settings/adjust-
ments in the order shown, you can create a fi-
nely-tuned sound field.
1 Adjusting the time alignment (TA2)
2 Adjusting network (NW 1, NW 2, NW 3)
3 Fine-adjusting equalizer curve (EQ 2)
Extra functions
These functions are helpful in adjusting the
sound to suit your system or your personal
! Recalling or copying equalizer curves (EQ 1)
! Adjusting loudness (LOUD)
! Using the sound retriever (S.Rtrv)
! Adjusting source levels (SLA)
Introduction of audio
1 Audio display
Shows the audio adjustmentstatus.
1 Press MULTI-CONTROL to display the
main menu.
2 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select AUDIO.
Turn to change the menu option. Press to se-
3 Turn MULTI-CONTROL to select the
audio function.
Turn MULTI-CONTROL to switch between the
audio functions in the following order.
BAL (balance adjustment)POSI (position se-
lector)NW 1 (network adjustment 1)NW 2
(network adjustment 2)NW 3 (network ad-
justment 3)TA1 (time alignment setting)
TA2 (time alignment adjusting)EQ 1 (copy-
ing/recalling the equalizer)EQ 2 (31-band
graphic equalizer)A.EQ (auto-equalizer on/
off)S.Rtrv (advanced sound retriever)
LOUD (loudness)SLA (source level adjust-
# When selecting FM as the source, you cannot
switch to SLA.
# When selecting FLAT in EQ 1, you cannot
switch to EQ 2.
# When selecting OFF in TA1, youcannot
switch to TA2.
# To return to the display of each source, press
Audio Adjustments