Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

iPod fifth generation (software version
iPod classic (software version 1.1.2)
iPod touch (software version 2.0)
iPhone (software version 2.0)
iPhone 3G (software version 2.0)
! Depending on the generation or version of
the iPod, some functions can not be oper-
! Operations may vary depending on the soft-
ware version of iPod.
! When using an iPod, iPod Dock Connector
to USB Cable is required.
! Pioneer CD-IU50 interface cable is also
available. For details, consult your dealer.
! This unit can control previous generations
iPod models with a Pioneer iPod adapter
(e.g. CD-IB100N).
For details concerning operation with the
iPod adapter, refer to Playing songs on iPod
on page 50.
About handling the iPod
! Do not leave the iPod in direct sunlight for
extended amounts of time. Extended expo -
sure to direct sunlight can result in iPod
malfunction due to the resulting high tem-
! Do not leave the iPod in a high tempera-
! Connect directly the dock connector cable
to the iPod so that this unit works properly.
! Firmly secure the iPod when driving. Do
not let the iPod fall onto the floor, where it
may become jammed under the brake or
accelerator pedal.
! For details, refer to the iPods manuals.
About iPod settings
! You cannot operate the iPod Equalizer on
Pioneer products. We recommend that you
set the iPod Equalizer to off, before con-
necting to this unit.
! You cannot set Repeat to off on the iPod
when using this unit. Even if you set Repeat
to off on the iPod, Repeat is automatically
changed to All when connecting the iPod
to this unit.
Copyright and trademark
Windows Media and the Windows logo are tra-
demarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft
Corporation in the United States and/or other
This product includes technology owned by
Microsoft Corporation and cannot be used or
distributed without a license from Microsoft
Licensing, Inc.
Supply of this product only conveys a license
for private, non-commercial use and does not
convey a license nor imply any right to use
this product in any commercial (i.e. revenue-
generating) real time broadcasting (terrestrial,
satellite, cable and/or any other media), broad-
casting/streaming via internet, intranets and/
or other networks or in other electronic con-
tent distribution systems, such as pay-audio or
audio-on-demand applications. An indepen-
dent license for such use is required. For de-
tails, please visit
Apple and iTunes are trademarks of Apple
Inc., registered in the U.S. and other coun-
Additional Information
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