Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

3 Press MULTI-CONTROL to turn the
Game Alert on.
The Game Alert function is now on.
# To turn the Game Alert function off, press
When the game of the selected team
When a game of the selected team is about to
start (or is currently playing) on a different sta-
tion, Game alert is displayed. Press and hold
MULTI-CONTROL to switch to that station,
and you can listen to that game.
! If you do not operate the function within
about 10 seconds, the display is automati-
cally returned.
Displaying game information
If games of your selected teams are currently
playing, you can display information of the
games and tune to the broadcast channel.
You can display information of the games
while enjoying the sound from currently tun-
ing station. You can also tune to the broadcast
channel when you wish to.
1 Display the function selection menu.
Refer to Introduction of advanced operations on
page 46.
2 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select
Game info in the function menu.
The game information of your selected team is
3 Push MULTI-CONTROL up or down to
select a game.
The game is displayed, followed by more de-
tailed game information.
! Game score will be updated automatically.
4 Press MULTI-CONTROL to switch to that
station to listen to the game.
! If you have not made any team selections,
NOT SET isdisplayed.
! When games involving your favorite teams are
not currently playing, NO GAME is displayed.
Displaying the Radio ID
If you select RADIO ID, the ID code is dis-
% Push MULTI-CONTROL left or right to
select RADIO ID.
To select RADIO ID, set the channel select setting
to Channel number. About the channelselect
setting, refer to Selecting the SIRIUS channel se-
lect mode onthe previous page.
Using Instant Replay function
Following functions can be operated during
the Instant Replay mode.
! To use this function, Pioneer SIRIUS bus in-
terface (e.g. CD-SB10) is required.
! To use this function, SIRIUS plug-and-play
unit with Instant Replay Function is re-
! For details, refer to SIRIUS plug-and-play
units manuals.
% Performing the Instant Replay mode
When SIRIUS tuner is selected as the source,
press and hold B.
# In the followingconditions, tunerexits from
the Instant Replay mode.
When B is pressed
When another source is selected
% Select a track
Push MULTI-CONTROL left or right.
% Fast forward or reverse
Push and hold MULTI-CONTROL left or right
for about one second and release.
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