Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Points concerning network
adjustments 26
Muting the speaker unit (filter) 27
Adjusting network 27
Using the time alignment 28
Adjusting the time alignment 29
Recalling or copying equalizer curves 29
Recalling the equalizer curve 29
Copying the equalizer curve 30
Fine-adjusting equalizer curve 30
Using the auto-equalizer 30
Using the sound retriever 31
Adjusting loudness 31
Adjusting source levels 31
Auto TA and EQ (auto-time alignment and
auto-equalizing) 31
Before operating the auto TA and EQ
function 32
Carrying out auto TA and EQ 33
Initial Settings
Adjusting initial settings 35
Selecting the display language 35
Setting the speakers 35
Setting the clock 36
Switching the warning tone 36
Switching the face auto open 36
Switching the auxiliary setting 36
Switching the dimmer setting 36
Adjusting the brightness 37
Selecting the illumination color 37
Adjusting the illumination color 37
Setting the illumination interlock 37
Correcting distorted sound 38
Resetting the audio functions 38
Switching the sound muting/attenuation 38
Setting the polarity of the door operation 38
Setting the door mute setting 38
Switching the reverse mode 39
Switching the ever scroll 39
Activating the BT Audio source 39
Entering PIN code for Bluetooth wireless
connection 39
Displaying system version for repair 40
Other Functions
Using the AUX source 41
About AUX1 and AUX2 41
AUX1 source: 41
AUX2 source: 41
Selecting AUX as the source 41
Setting the AUX title 41
Turning the clock display on or off 41
Using the external unit 42
Selecting the external unit as the
source 42
Basic operation 42
Advanced operations 42
Using different entertainment displays 42
Using the DF (direct function) button 42
Available accessories
XM tuner 44
Listening to XM Satellite Radio 44
Switching the XM display 44
Storing and recalling broadcast
stations 44
Selecting the XM channel select
mode 44
Displaying the Radio ID 45
SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner 45
Listening to SIRIUS Satellite Radio 45
Switching the SIRIUS display 46
Storing and recalling broadcast
stations 46
Introduction of advanced
operations 46
Selecting the SIRIUS channel select
mode 47
Using the Game Alert function 47
Displaying the Radio ID 48
Using Instant Replay function 48
HD Radioä tuner 49
Basic Operations 49
Storing and recalling broadcast
frequencies 49
Switching the display 49
Introduction to advanced
operations 49