Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Basic Operations
1 Device name
Shows the device name of the connected
Bluetooth audio player (or Bluetooth adapter).
2 Voltage indicator
Shows the battery voltage.
! The level displayed on the voltage indi-
cator may differ from the actual voltage
! Depending on the Bluetoothaudio player con-
nected to this unit, the operations available
with this unitare limited to the following two
A2DP profile (Advanced Audio Distribution
Profile): Only playingback songson your
audio player is possible.
AVRCP profile (Audio/Video Remote Con-
trol Profile): Playing back, pausing, select-
ing songs, etc.,are possible.
! Since there are a number of Bluetooth audio
players available on the market, operations
with your Bluetooth audio player using this
unit vary extensively. Refer to the instruction
manual that came with your Bluetooth audio
player as wellas this manual while operating
your player on this unit.
! Information about songs (e.g.the elapsed
playing time, song title,song index, etc.) can-
not be displayedon thisunit.
! While you are listening to songs on your Blue-
tooth audio player, refrain from using on your
cellular phone as much as possible. If you use
your cellular phone, the signal from your cel-
lular phone may causenoise on the song play-
! When you are talking on a cellular phone con-
nected to this unit via Bluetooth wireless tech-
nology, song playback fromyour Bluetooth
audio player connected tothis unit is muted.
! Even if you are listening to a songon your
Bluetooth audio player andyou switch to an-
other source, song playback continues.
% Fast forward or reverse
Push and hold MULTI-CONTROL left or right.
% Select a track
Push MULTI-CONTROL left or right.
! For details concerning operation, refer to the
Bluetooth adapters operationmanual. This
section provides brief information on Blue-
tooth audio player operationswith this unit,
which slightly differs or is abbreviated from
that described in the Bluetooth adapters op-
eration manual.
! Even though your audio player does not con-
tain a Bluetoothmodule, youcan still control
it from this unit via Bluetooth wireless tech-
nology. To control your audio player using this
unit, connect a product featuring Bluetooth
wireless technology (available on the market)
to your audioplayer and connect the Blue-
tooth adapter (e.g. CD-BTB200) to this unit.
Function and operation
1 Press MULTI-CONTROL to display the
main menu.
2 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select
Turn to change the menu option. Press to se-
3 Turn MULTI-CONTROL to select the
Connection open (connection open)
Disconnect audio (disconnect audio)Play
(play)Stop (stop)Pause (pause)
Device info. (device information)
Available accessories