Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

% Press DF to turn pause on when select-
ing the following sources:
! CD Built-inCD player
! iPod iPod connected using USB input/
iPod connected with the interface adapter
! Multi CD Multi-CD player
! USB USB portable audio player/USB
! BTAudio Bluetoothaudio player
! DVD DVD player/multi-DVD player
# To turn pause off, press DF again.
% Press DF and hold to turn BSM on when
selecting tuner as the source.
Press DF and hold until the BSM turns on.
# To cancel the storage process, press DF again.
% Press DF to turn function 1 on when se-
lecting EXT (external unit 1/external unit 2)
as the source.
# To turn function 1 off, press DF again.
Other Functions
Other Functions