Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Adjusting initial settings
Using the initial settings, you can customize
various system settings to achieve optimal per-
formance from this unit.
1 Function display
Shows the function status.
1 Press SRC/Off and hold until the unit
turns off.
2 Press MULTI-CONTROL and hold until
the initial setting menu appears in the dis-
3 Turn MULTI-CONTROL to select one of
the initial settings.
Turn MULTI-CONTROL to switch between the
functions in the following order.
Language select (language selection)
SP connection (speaker setting)Clock
(clock)Warning tone (warning tone)
Face auto open (face auto open)AUX1
(auxiliary input 1)AUX2 (auxiliary input 2)
Dimmer (dimmer)Brightness (brightness)
Illumination 1 (illumination select)
Illumination 2 (custom illumination)
ILL line (illumination interlock)Digital ATT
(digital attenuation)Audio Reset (audio
reset)Mute (sound muting/attenuation)
Door mute 1 (intelligent mute polarity setting)
Door mute 2 (intelligent mute setting)
Reverse mode (reverse mode)Ever-scroll
(ever scroll)BTAUDIO (Bluetooth audio)
Pin code input (pin code input)
BT Version Info. (Bluetooth version informa-
Use the following instructions to operate each
particular setting.
# BTAUDIO, Pin code input and
BT Version Info. can be selected only when Blue-
tooth adapter (e.g., CD-BTB200) is connected to
this unit.
# To cancel initialsettings, press B.
Selecting the display language
For your convenience, this unit equips multi-
ple language display. You can select the lan-
guage best suited to your first language.
1 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select
Language select in the initial setting menu.
Refer to Adjusting initial settings on this page.
2 Press MULTI-CONTROL to select the lan-
Each press of MULTI-CONTROL selects lan-
guages in the following order:
Setting the speakers
You need to set the speakers used with this
When this setting is performed correctly, this
unit reproduces high-definition sound suited
to your system.
! You cannot change the middle-range
speaker setting. (The middle-range speaker
is always on.)
! If this setting is adjusted after performing
auto-time alignment and auto-equalizing
function, perform auto-time alignment and
auto-equalizing again.
1 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select
SP connection in the initial setting menu.
Refer to Adjusting initial settings on this page.
2 Push MULTI-CONTROL left or right to
select the speaker to be adjusted.
Each time MULTI-CONTROL is pushed left or
right, the speaker is selected in the following
Subwoofer (subwoofer)Low range (low
range speaker)High range (high range
Initial Settings
Initial Settings