Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

HD Radioä tuner
Basic Operations
You can use this unit to control an HD Radio
tuner (e.g. GEX-P20HD), which is sold sepa-
For details concerning operation, refer to the
HD Radio tuner s operation manual.
1 / (signal reception status) indicator
When digital signal is received,
is dis-
played. Otherwise,
is displayed.
2 Channel number
3 Band indicator
4 Preset number indicator
5 Signal level indicator
Shows the radio wave strength.
6 Voltage indicator
Shows the battery voltage.
! The level displayed on the voltage indi-
cator may differ from the actual voltage
7 Frequency indicator
8 Title name
% Select a band
Press B.
# Band can beselected fromamong FM1, FM2,
FM3 or AM.
% Manual tuning (step by step)
Push MULTI-CONTROL left or right.
% Seek tuning
Push and hold MULTI-CONTROL left or right,
and then release.
# You can cancel seek tuningby pushing
MULTI-CONTROL lef t or right.
Storing and recalling broadcast
The operation is the same as that of the tuner.
(Refer to Storing and recalling broadcast fre-
quencies on page 13.)
Switching the display
Desired information can be displayed.
% Press DScrl.
Press D/Scrl repeatedly to switch between the
following settings:
Station nameartist namesong titlepro-
gram type
# When the tuner has been tuned in to anHD
Radio broadcasting, default display is changed
into station name insteadof frequency.
Introduction to advanced
1 Press MULTI-CONTROL to display the
main menu.
2 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select
Turn to change the menu option. Press to se-
The function menu is displayed.
3 Turn MULTI-CONTROL to select the
BSM (best stations memory)Local (local
seek tuning)Seek mode (seek mode)
Blending (reception mode)
Function and operation
BSM and Local operations are basically the
same as that of the tuner.
Function name Operation
Refer to Storing thestrongest
broadcast frequencies on page 14.
Refer to Tuning in strong signals
on page 14.
Available accessories
Available accessories