Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

! Volume
! Fast forward/reverse
! Track up/down
! Pausing
! Switching the text information
! When the control mode is set to iPod, opera-
tions are limited as follows:
Functions other than Control mode (con-
trol mode) and Pause (pause) cannot be
Browse function cannot be operatedfrom
this unit.
! Turning thisfunction on pauses song play-
back. Operate the iPod to start playback.
Changing audiobook speed
While listening to an audiobook on iPod, play-
back speed can be changed.
1 Use MULTI-CONTROL to select
Audiobooks in the function menu.
Refer to Introduction to advanced operations
on page 21.
2 Press MULTI-CONTROL to select your fa-
vorite setting.
Press MULTI-CONTROL repeatedly until the
desired setting appears in the display.
! Faster Playbackfaster thannormal speed
! Normal Playback in normal speed
! Slower Playback slower than normal
Operating this unit
Operating this unit