Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

! If the HD Radio tuner is connected to this
unit, tuner source is skipped.
! AUX1 is set to on by default. Turn off the AUX1
when not in use (refer to Switching the auxili-
ary setting on page 36).
! Charging the portable audio player using
cars DC power source while connecting it to
AUX input may generate noise. In this case,
stop charging.
! External unit refers to a Pioneer product (such
as ones available in the future) that, although
incompatible as a source, enables control of
basic functions with this unit. Two external
units can be controlled with this unit. When
two external units are connected, the external
unit is automatically allocated to external unit
1 or external unit 2 by this unit.
! When this units blue/white lead is connected
to the vehicles auto-antenna relay control
terminal, the vehicles antenna extends when
this units source is turned on. To retract the
antenna, turn the source off.
! Certain devices may need to be switched on
before being connected to this unit.
Loading a disc
1 Press h/Open to open the front panel.
CD loading slot appears.
2 Insert a CD into the CD loading slot.
Front panel is closed automatically, and play-
back will start.
! When loading a CD/CD-R/CD-RW, face
the label side of a disc up.
CD loading slot
# You can eject a disc by pressing h/Open.
# After a CD has been inserted, press SRC/Off
to select the built-in CD player.
! The built-in CD player plays one, standard, 12-
cm CD (-R/-RW) at a time. Playing back an 8-
cm disc is not possible with this unit.
! The built-in CD player can play back audio CD
and compressed audio recorded on a CD-
ROM. (Please see the following section for
files that can be played back. Refer to page
! Read the precautions for the player and discs
in the following section. Refer to page 70.
! Do not insert anything other than a CD into
the CD loading slot.
! There is sometimes a delay between starting
up disc playback and the sound being issued.
When being read, FORMAT READ is dis-
! If you cannot insert a disc completely or if
after you insert a disc the disc does not play,
check that the label side of the disc is up.
Press h/Open to eject the disc, and check
the disc for damage before inserting it again.
! When the disc loading or ejecting function
does not operate properly, you can eject the
disc by pressing and holding h/Open while
opening the front panel.
! If an error message is displayed, refer to Error
messages on page 68.
Adjusting the volume
% Use Vol to adjust the sound level.
# With the remote control, press VOL +/VOL
to adjust the volume.
Operating this unit