Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Handling guideline of discs
and player
! Use only discs featuring either of following
two logos.
! Use only conventional, fully circular discs.
Do not use shaped discs.
! Use a 12-cm CD. Do not use an 8-cm disc.
! Do not insert anything other than a CD into
the CD loading slot.
! Do not use cracked, chipped, warped, or
otherwise damaged discs as they may da-
mage the player.
! Unfinalized CD-R/CD-RW disc playback is
not possible.
! Do not touch the recorded surface of the
! Store discs in their cases when not in use.
! Avoid leaving discs in excessively hot envir-
onments including under direct sunlight.
! Do not attach labels, write on or apply che-
micals to the surface of the discs.
! To clean a CD, wipe the disc with a soft
cloth outward from the center.
! Condensation may temporarily impair the
players performance. Leave it to adjust to
the warmer temperature for about one
hour. Also, wipe any dump discs with a sof t
! Playback of discs may not be possible be-
cause of disc characteristics, disc format,
recorded application, playback environ-
ment, storage conditions, and so on.
! Text information may not be correctly dis-
played depending on the recorded environ-
! Road shocks may interrupt disc playback.
! Read the precautions for discs before
using them.
! DualDiscs are two-sided discs that have a
recordable CD for audio on one side and a
recordable DVD for video on the other.
! Since the CD side of DualDiscs is not phy-
sically compatible with the general CD
standard, it may not be possible to play the
CD side with this unit.
! Frequent loading and ejecting of a Dual-
Disc may result in scratches on the disc.
Serious scratches can lead to playback pro-
blems on this unit. In some cases, a Dual-
Disc may become stuck in the disc loading
slot and will not eject. To prevent this, we
recommend you refrain from using Dual-
Disc with this unit.
! Please refer to the information from the
disc manufacturer for more detailed infor-
mation about DualDiscs.
Handling guideline of USB
storage device and this unit
! This unit can play back files in the USB por-
table audio player/USB memory that is
USB Mass Storage Class.
! Optimum performance of this unit may not
be obtained depending on the connected
USB storage device.
! Do not leave the USB storage device in any
place with high temperatures.
! Depending on the kind of USB storage de-
vice you use, this unit may not recognize
the storage device or file may not be played
back properly.
! Operations may vary depending on the
kind of a USB storage device.
Additional Information