Pioneer DEX-P99RS Car Stereo System User Manual

Using the AUX source
Up to two auxiliary devices such as VCR or
portable devices (sold separately) can be con-
nected to this unit. When connected, auxiliary
devices are automatically read as AUX sources
and assigned to AUX1 or AUX2. The relation-
ship between AUX1 and AUX2 sources is ex-
plained below.
About AUX1 and AUX2
There are two methods to connect auxiliary de-
vices to this unit.
AUX1 source:
When connecting auxiliary device using a stereo
mini plug cable
1 Press and hold h/Open to open the
front panel.
AUX1 input jack appears.
2 Insert the 2.5 mm stereo plug into the
AUX1 input jack on this unit.
This auxiliary device is automatically set to
AUX2 source:
When connecting auxiliary device using an IP-
BUS-RCA Interconnector (sold separately)
% Use an IP-BUS-RCA Interconnector such
as the CD-RB20/CD-RB10 (sold separately)
to connect this unit to auxiliary device fea-
turing RCA output.
For more details, refer to the IP-BUS-RCA Inter-
connector owners manual.
This auxiliary device is automatically set to
# You can only make this type of connection if
the auxiliary device has RCA outputs.
Selecting AUX as the source
% Press SRC/Off to select AUX (AUX1 or
AUX2) as the source.
# If the auxiliary setting is notturned on, AUX
cannot be selected.For more details, refer to
Switching the auxiliary setting on page 36.
Setting the AUX title
The title displayed for the AUX1 or AUX2
source can be changed.
1 After you have selected AUX as the
source, use MULTI-CONTROL and select
FUNCTION to display TitleInput "A".
2 Enter a title in the same way as the
built-in CD player.
For details concerning operation, refer to En-
tering disc titles on page 17.
Turning the clock display
on or off
You can turn the clock display on or off.
! Even when the sources are off, the clock
display appears on the display.
% Press
to turn the clock display on or
Each press of
turns the clock display on or
# The clock display disappearstemporarily
when you perform otheroperations, but the clock
display appears again after 4 seconds.
Other Functions
Other Functions